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... And to all a good fight! (Day 9 3/4) by iguru896 ... And to all a good fight! (Day 9 3/4) by iguru896

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Finally, it's done!~

I think this is the fastest I've ever written anything like this! I-I just got the idea in my head and I had to get it down... Whew! I gotta get to bed soon; it's 2 AM...

I just got The World Ends With You for Christmas, and I'm HOOKED!!! I'm already about a third of the way through the game cause I can't put it down. This game, man. This. FRIGGIN. GAME!!! I seriously reccommend it to anyone who loves action RPGs and Square Enix.

Anyways, I wrote this as a little Christmas special for the crew! (Contains minor spoilers.) Sorry that everything's been in PDF files; it's literally the best I can do...

As, for the picture, I felt that A) I really needed a stand-out image for this, and B) I can't burn anyone if I use a company picture, right? (especially if I say this: I DO NOT OWN THE CHARACTERS, GAME, COPYRIGHTS, OR ANY OF THAT MILARKEY!!!

Aaaaanyways, tell me what you guys think! Comment and help me improve!
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December 25, 2012
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